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Liquid Screed Oxford

Looking for Liquid Screed in Oxford? Like every other city in the UK, Oxford has set ambitious targets for creating 1,000s of new homes over the next two decades. Such is the need for housing to accommodate the city’s workers, that plans are being developed to build ‘upwards’ in the city.  The famous city skyline […]

Floor Screed Services Northampton

Liquid Screed Direct Provides Floor Screed Services in Northampton 2019 sees a huge new housing development underway in Dallington Grange, Northampton. 3,000 new homes will be built between the Lodge Farm industrial estate and the Kings Heath estate. The building plans also include provision for shops and two new schools. This means there’s a busy […]

Liquid Screed Services in Coventry

Looking for Liquid Screed Services in Coventry? The construction sector is booming in Coventry as the city skyline looks set for radical change over the next few years. There are major developments in the pipeline including a massive expansion of the local university, and a city centre refurbishment, including the completion of a water park […]