low profile underfloor heating

Have You Heard About Low Profile Underfloor Heating?

There can be no doubt that underfloor heating is now on its way to becoming a popular alternative to the more traditional radiator. It currently accounts for between 7%-8% of the UK heating market and it’s predicted to grow by around 6% annually. Key to that continued growth is the fact that wet underfloor heating is seen as an affordable heating option in the context of rising energy costs.

5 Factors Underpinning UFH Installation Growth:

1Lower Energy Bills. ufh operates at a lower water temperature (45°C) than radiators (70°C) whilst providing great results. This is excellent news for energy bills.

2.  Radiant Heat. Convector heating (radiators) functions by heating the air. ufh heats objects rather than the air, in the same way the sun does. This offers an even, long-lasting warmth.

3.  Great for Allergy Sufferers. Radiator heating tends to pull dust into the air, and it dries out the room’s atmosphere. Radiant heat creates a much better air quality for allergy sufferers.

4.  Design Freedom. Liberating yourself from radiators means that you can design your living space in a new way. No more clustering of furniture near to the heating source!

5.  UFH Feels Luxurious. The British have suffered with chilblains and frozen toes for too long. A warm floor allowing you to throw off your socks and shoes at home is a treat.

Why the Need for Low Profile Underfloor Heating?

One of the barriers to faster adoption of wet underfloor heating has been the installation process. The depth required to lay the water pipes has tended to make it a new build feature. Low profile underfloor heating comes as the result of innovative new technology, providing lightweight systems which are easy to install, whilst still providing all the benefits of ufh.

What is Low Profile Underfloor Heating?

Low profile systems don’t require expensive excavations to facilitate installation. They don’t use screed insulation which means they can be installed directly onto existing floors. The added height tends to be between 15mm and 68mm which means the pipes are smaller than in excavated ufh. Due to the thinness of the water pipes they tend to run at a higher temperature.

The Advantages of Using Low Profile Underfloor Heating

If you’re wanting to retrofit underfloor heating in your property, this is a timely solution. The installation is fast, often taking only 24 hours, and it’s clean. You also benefit from the fact that there’s no waiting time for the screed to dry. Once laid, the low profile system can be used immediately.

Professional Underfloor Heating Installation You Can trust

A professional underfloor heating installer will assess your property, and advise on the right low profile system for you. This will depend on your heat source, the floor covering and the floor construction. It’s also important to get a professional installer to assess and provide guidance on how your ufh requirements will map onto your existing heating system.

Liquid Screed Direct Provides Professional ufh Installation

We’re a leading UK wet underfloor heating installer, with a proven track record. Having worked at the forefront of underfloor heating technology for a while now, we’re delighted to be introducing low profile underfloor heating to our clients. Whether you’re looking for specialist ufh installation guidance or a free no obligation quote, we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re excited to find out more about low profile underfloor heating for your renovation or retro fit, call our ufh specialists today on 0800 0599959 / 07926 235618